90 Day Challenge

It’s been a few days since starting a 90 day challenge a mate told me about.

I have to tell you about the brilliant impact imposing a few healthy boundaries in my life have had.

I am now in the position in which I have a number of people I pray with throughout the week and this has been amazingly helpful. Hopefully the friendship and fellowship can be shared with more people.
In terms of study and reading, something which I struggle with, I have been reading and studying a whole lot more.
I have recovered from my broken pelvis (funny story), which means I can now do exercise so have taken to cycling around the city, playing badminton and will soon start power kiting again when my hand heals from being broken.
Admittedly I like night-life so have not been going to bed early, however I have been waking up earlier.
I’ve not learnt how to pause for a few hours a week yet.
I now write a whole lot more, some things I may well share on this blog and some things I will keep to myself. astudent has helped me to process a lot of my thoughts, you should all check him out.

I am sure there are other things to mention but right now I am satisfied.

About soapyjames

Some of my thoughts from my devotions on James, exploring and questioning how it fits, if at all, to life now. View all posts by soapyjames

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